Feel better. Move better. Perform better.



Rehabilitation after an injury or surgery is our primary focus at DeWitt Physical Therapy.


Improve your capacities in life and sport. Develop wellness from the inside out by working with our Physios to reach your wellness goals.


Gain the competitive edge in your sport by implementing specific testing, movement preparation, training and recovery principles as guided by our Physios.


Improve your fitness in a safe environment at CrossFit UP, the first Physical Therapist-owned and operated CrossFit Box in Santa Cruz County,. 


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy team is comprised of orthopedic and sports medicine experts ready to treat everything from head to toe.

By blending manual therapy with movement correction and
individually tailored exercise programs, our treatment paradigm is designed to get you back to being you.

We believe the best approach to rehabilitation is a comprehensive one, addressing each patient’s unique limitations and goals for optimal outcomes.

60-minute Initial Evaluations | 30-minute Follow Up appointments

One-on-One Treatments with the same Physical Therapist

feel better. move better. perform better.



Feel Better

We blend cutting-edge and time-honored manual
therapy techniques to help get you out of pain, increase
range of motion and get you back in action.

  • Joint Mobilization

  • Spinal Manipulation

  • Soft Tissue Mobilization

  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

  • Myofascial Decompression


Move better

Improve movement quality and efficiency through our
corrective exercise progressions to build a stronger
foundation for life and fitness.

  • Increase Flexibility / Mobility

  • Build Movement Competence with Corrective Exercises

  • Restore Optimal Movement Patterns


Perform better

Get back to being awesome with
the most advanced treatment methods,
coaching and testing protocols found

  • Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

  • Return to Sport Preparation

  • Performance Positioning



Prevention is the best medicine

Self-Pay Wellness Options

DeWitt Performance Physio

Beyond rehab, working with a Physio can help athletes improve movement quality, performance, and resilience.  Our DeWitt Performance Physio program is a private-pay wellness option for those looking to extend their treatment beyond insurance. With 60-minutes of time with your therapist, we’re focused on getting you to the top of your game or keeping you there.

  • Injury Prevention

  • Optimizing Movement and Positioning

  • Personalized Home Corrective/Warm Up Program

  • Performance Enhancement


DeWitt Physio Wellness

Want to move better and have more resilience while navigating day to day life? Our DeWitt Wellness Physio program is a private-pay wellness option for those looking to extend their treatment beyond insurance. With 60-minutes of treatment time with your therapist, we’re focused on enhancing or maintaining your general function in order to promote life-long wellness.

Goals of our DeWitt Physio Wellness include:

  • Gaining or Maintaining Strength and Flexibility for Activities of Daily Living


Wellness services are not subject to the restrictions of Direct Access - 12 Visits or 45 days without a referral. They are provided with the intention of improving overall health and wellness, not treating a specific diagnosis or medical condition, and are not covered by insurance plans.




DPT Weight Lifting Evaluation

Our Performance Physios will put you through a series of movement assessments to test your readiness for training.  Whether you’re looking to train in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, or with a trainer at another facility, having the required range of motion and set up is important for injury-free progression and long-term program success.

Each Evaluation includes:

  • Positioning assessments for desired activities

  • Personalized Home Corrective/Warm Up Program

  • Advisement on training parameters articulated to
    you and your coaches.


Return To Sport Evaluation

Are you ready to return to your passion?  Let our Physios make sure you’re ready to go with the most extensive evidence-based testing protocol around.  We utilize Move2Perform, a movement measurement and analysis tool that identifies deficits and risk of injury used by top sports teams and the US military, for clear return to sport decision making.  This 60-minute evaluation is booked with one of our Performance Physios.

Our testing protocol includes:

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • Y-Balance Testing (Upper and/or Lower Quarter)

  • Hop Testing (Power/Stability Assessment)

  • Functional Range of Motion

    Each report includes:

  • Three Corrective Exercises based on findings.

  • Rating and Ranking of injury risk based on age, gender,
    level and sport per research cut points.




DeWitt Physical Therapy owns and operates CrossFit UP next door! Click the link below to learn more about our gym


Crossfit UP

As the first Physical Therapist-owned and operated CrossFit Box in Santa Cruz County, our mission is to merge the proven effectiveness of CrossFit with the responsible and sustainable practices of human movement in a unique experience to help you achieve your health, fitness and lifestyle goals.  By influencing our warm ups and training with the best methods from performance physical therapy and sports medicine, we can help our athletes “Pre-hab before you Rehab.”


Athlete Academy

Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30p

Our passion for movement excellence has inspired our Athlete Academy program for kids 10-15 years of age. Whether for pre-season conditioning or a to get your child moving more, our program focuses on movement skill, injury prevention, strength building and metabolic conditioning- the perfect foundation for long term movement competency and athletic performance.


Click the link below to see our schedule