Zack Wormhoudt

I have had extensive injuries to both shoulders, but had the good fortune of having Ryan Dewitt and his staff help guide my recovery, prevent the need for invasive procedures, and return me to participating in ocean sports. I feel lucky to have found therapist who is an active athlete with such diverse and extensive credentials who enthusiastically takes plenty of time to work individually with his patients.

Photo: Luke Smude


Annie Sakamoto

I have been a competitive CrossFit athlete since 2011. Unfortunately aches, pains, and injuries are part of the territory for me. For a few years now I have gone to Ryan DeWitt any time something has come up and he has always taken the best care of me. The breadth and depth of not only his knowledge, but his mechanisms of treatment are unbeatable. He always has me back to training as soon as possible and feeling great. I am so thankful for Ryan and all of his care.


Debbie Steingesser

Ryan DeWitt is a PT rockstar. As a movement professional, I’m very selective about who I see for my own maintenance. Ryan is literally the best I’ve found in the business. He is knowledgeable, accessible, and genuinely helpful in his approach to working with patients and athletes. If you want to get back to your sport, yoga practice, or active lifestyle in better shape than before, go see Ryan or any of the amazing staff at DeWitt PT.


Collette Cowan

It sucks to be sidelined with an injury from a hobby that you enjoy, especially as you get older and realize each time you get hurt you either might not bounce back or you might bounce back without the strength and ability you once had. This happened to me twice in the past few years - and as someone who is over 50, I am trying just as hard to maintain longevity in the sport of CrossFit as I am in maintaining strength, endurance, and mobility. Both injuries were shoulder related. I had the great fortune of working with Dr. Tiffany Leamer at DeWitt. Any good physical therapist can diagnose a problem, but what makes Tiffany great is that she spotted the underlying deficiencies. She did therapy to ease the healing, but also prescribed and worked on exercises to strengthen my shoulder. As I was healing, I was building up the shoulder to eventually take on the same level of activity but in a safer way and with the proper form she drilled into me. Tiffany gave me specific exercises to do outside of physical therapy. I did the work - I saw the results! Tiffany assured me that I was healing even when it seemed I was making no gains and getting down on myself. I came back stronger with better mobility than before. I’m able to do butterfly pull ups and ring muscle ups with no issues. Professional. Meticulous. Detailed. Knowledgeable. Empathetic. Tiffany will get you back on your feet the right way. Do the work. See the results!