DPT Weight Lifting Evaluation

Our Performance Physios will put you through a series of movement assessments to test your readiness for training.  Whether you’re looking to train in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, or with a trainer at another facility, having the required range of motion and set up is important for injury-free progression and long-term program success.

Each Evaluation includes:

  • Positioning assessments for desired activities

  • Personalized Home Corrective/Warm Up Program

  • Advisement on training parameters articulated to
    you and your coaches.


Return To Sport Evaluation

Are you ready to return to your passion?  Let our Physios make sure you’re ready to go with the most extensive evidence-based testing protocol around.  We utilize Move2Perform, a movement measurement and analysis tool that identifies deficits and risk of injury used by top sports teams and the US military, for clear return to sport decision making.  This 60-minute evaluation is booked with one of our Performance Physios.

Our testing protocol includes:

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • Y-Balance Testing (Upper and/or Lower Quarter)

  • Hop Testing (Power/Stability Assessment)

  • Functional Range of Motion

    Each report includes:

  • Three Corrective Exercises based on findings.

  • Rating and Ranking of injury risk based on age, gender,
    level and sport per research cut points.