Feel better. Move better. Perform better.

Welcome to
DeWitt Physical Therapy


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Feel Better, Move Better


Perform Better

Since 2011  

Whether your goal is to return to competition or navigate life with more ease, our physical therapists are here to provide cutting edge,
patient-centered and individualized care to everyone who walks through our doors.  

it’s all about you.
your goals are our goals.


Rehab for Athletes, by Athletes.

From walking to running to performing olympic lifts,
our Movement Experts at DeWitt Physical Therapy
operate with one goal;

Helping you get back to being awesome


Movement Experts for Your ACTIVE Lifestyle

We get it;
you want to feel better, get back to performing
at your best, and a physical therapist who
understands that drive and mindset.

We believe the human body was meant for movement.  

I have had extensive injuries to both shoulders,
but had the good forturne of having Ryan DeWitt and
his Staff help guide my recovery, prevent the need for
invasive proceadures and return me to participating in
ocean sports. I feel lucky to have found a Physical
Therapist who is an active athlete with such diverse and
extensive credentials who enthusistically takes plenty
of time to work individually with his patients.

~ Zack Wormhoudt
Photo: Luke Smude